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Renting Requirements & Policies

You Must be at least 21 Years old to Rent.

You Must have a Valid Driver's License.

Slingshots are not allowed on any Off-Road Surfaces. (Sand,Dirt,Mud,Water,Etc.)

You may drive Unlimited Miles.

The Slingshots come with a Full tank of gas. 

You Must return them with a Full tank of gas. (Premium Gas Only)

Our Slingshots come stock with GPS Trackers and Engine Disablers.

Minimum age for a passenger is 5 Years Old. 

All Slingshots have 2 storage compartments and a glove box.

All Slingshots have Bluetooth Audio.

Helmets are Provided.

Driving Boundaries Include the Following: 

Lubbock, Hockley, Lynn, Terry, Hale, Floyd, Crosby, Garza, Kent, Randall, Potter, Midland and Eddie Counties. For More Information, Reach Out!

Insurance and Deposit Information

$500 Deposit (Cash or Card)

All U.S. Driver's and Foreign Driver's License Accepted.

Liability, Comprehension and Collision Insurance is Required.

If you wreck, Break, or Mess Up Something on the Slingshot YOU are responsible for $1500 in Damages without Premium Insurance.

(The $35 Premium Insurance Service lowers the Standard Fee to $750 if a claim is to be made for any damages)

Don't forget to Have Fun! 

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What is PALASADES Lubbock?

Since 2023, we at PALASADES have strived to provide Lubbock and the surrounding area with the easiest and most convenient way to create a Polaris Adventure!  Whether you're looking to rent an experience for an hour or planning to take a 72-hour Voyage, we have plenty of choices available. 


We do our best to provide safe and amazing rentals to fit every budget, so get in touch with us today to learn more about our selection and availabilities. 

Thank you for choosing PALASADES LUBBOCK!

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